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Environment Study

Environment Education

Environment education in this Vidyalaya is not confined to glossy books on nature, or to arm-chair discussions; nor to passive participation in lecture and slide shows by eminent conservationists or environmentalist. ‘Walking’ or ‘running’ for a cause is also minimized.

Children are made to realize the supreme value of a healthy environment. A clean, green environment supporting their activities and being supported by their action/behavior. Curbing of the following-waste, excessive greed and materialistic attitude is a part of the creation of the total, positive environment.

Bulletin boards presenting well researched information in order to stimulate reflection, introspection and discussion, enrichment talks by experts; slide and film shows to enhance awareness, broaden the knowledge-base and stimulate thinking, followed by discussions and plans for active involvement are a regular feature of the years’ agenda.

Workshops on methods of measuring and curbing pollution, recycling waste, ways to conserve our natural and cultural heritage, excursions and field-trips to forest, deserts, game parks and bird sanctuaries, river fronts, water works, factories and farms, slums and bastis all provide valuable inputs in making children environmentally sensitive and in understanding ‘development’.

A concerted effort is made throughout the year, using the ‘passage-reading’ and songs during the assembly, creative writing and curricular work, to make children aware of how each one of us could be polluting the environment through noise, violence and unhealthy habits, not using the waste-bins, using non-bio-degradable items such as plastic bags, plastic milk sachets, emitting poisonous exhaust from poorly tuned vehicles, general dirt around bus-stops, eating places, paan shops, etc. On the positive side, they are encouraged to give saplings as birthday gifts, to grow plants in pots, to stop people from damaging/cutting trees, to avoid throwing away empty tins which could collect water and breed mosquitoes and other insects, to enjoy birds, bird songs, flowers and their fragrance, the sky and the stars.

Physically, the school endeavours to provide a conducive environment with a well-laid out garden full of elegant trees and shrubs which support a rich community of birds and insects, mongoose breed here, wood peckers carve their hollows, tailor birds stitch their nests and bulbul weave theirs in our garden, which is embellished with red sand stone pillars of great antiquity.