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Inter-school Events

.....Winning Laurels Outside the School

The Vidyalaya provides several forums for children to overcome shyness and confidently take centre stage. From the start, class discussions (at all levels), Home Room debates on crucial issues, C.A's and class programs provide ample opportunity for even the shyest child to stand up and speak.The faculty spends hours at practices and rehearsals, often staying back after school hours to help children polish up their act. What is unusual is that adult intervention is kept to the minimum, thus ensuring that success is earned and the resulting confidence, permanent.

Participating in Inter School events gives the children a chance to leave the safety net of the School and experience the challenges of the outside world. It is both an exhilarating and a sobering experience. Exhilarating because winning brings confidence and it is sobering to find that there are others from other schools who are just as good, if not more talented. The winners are felicitated at the assembly time when the trophy is displayed and a brief summary of the event is shared with everyone. As a means of encouragement for others to test their skills, this appearance at assembly, is invaluable for nurturing talent, discovering skills.

From time to time, the Vidyalaya has organized some inter-school contests and festivals.

STORY-TELLING FESTIVAL - An inter school story telling festival was organized in the 50th year of our independence. The theme for the festival was "freedom" and about 12 schools from all over Delhi were invited to "tell" their stories using various media-ballet, skit, mime, shadow - play, dance and the ever popular simple narration with full expression & tonal nuances. The stories were narrated in Hindi or English. Teams of 6-8 children presented stories on behalf of their schools.The presentations by Mother's International School, Ramjas School - R. K. Puram and Vasant Valley School used innovative and unusual techniques. SPV's own "production" in Hindi - a story about a sculptor's passion and ardour infusing life in his stone idols combined narration with music, dance and mime in a wonderful display of multi media use.

Three eminent theatre personalities were invited to judge the contest. The festival was chaired by Mr. Faisal Alkazi.

Support from the home, the teachers and one's peers help prepare the contestant. Whether it is competing in public speaking, astronomy, theatre, general knowledge, computer usage, sports and athletics meets, or national Olympiads for Maths, SPV children have brought home trophies and prizes.