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Morning Assembly

The Morning assembly is a perfect start to an action packed day. For a short 20 odd minutes children are helped to calm down and prepare for learning. The assembly is held, during winter, on the school grounds. The trees, the chirping birds and the early morning sky help children turn inwards after an invigorating session of free hand exercises conducted by a student. In summer, the assembly is held in the Vidyalaya's auditorium.

The shloka, the song and the passage all add up to the spiritual quotient of each child. This is truly an oasis of peace between the frantic rush to ready for school and the start of the academic routine at school.

Morning assembly fosters a sense of belonging to the institution. Important announcements are made and children are felicitated for their achievements. The assembly is often used as a vehicle to spread awareness about current social and political issues. Talented achievers are especially honoured at this time.