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Activity Week

Time to Put Away the Books and the Bags:

Every year, all the children put away their books & bags for about 8 working days and gear up for activities.

Morning 3 hrs.

The children participate in public speaking activities - elocution and recitation; even story telling - in Hindi, English, GTBU & Sanskrit.

Round one - Every student of each class participates in their respective sections.
Round two - 8/10 short-listed students elocute and recite - in their own classes.
Final round - The selection of the students for the final round is made in a very democratic way in keeping with the principle of maximum participation. 2 finalists and 1 reserve are chosen. This round takes place in the auditorium in full presence of everyone and Judges from outside. Anyone who crosses a certain pre-determined score wins a merit card.


SPORTS: The whole school gathers in the field to witness various sporting events. [Refer to SPORTS AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION]