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Home Room & HRT

Everyday a period of about half an hour is set aside for the teacher who is incharge of the class to interact with the student. A class is known as a “Home Room Group” and the teacher a “Home Room Teacher” (HRT for short). The HRT is responsible for all round development of pupil and is a link between the parents and the principal. The HRT maintains individual records of all the pupils.

Whenever a child is found to be weak in one or the other subject, the HRT calls the parents and arranges a meeting with the concerned subject teacher to discuss the attitude, work-habits and the ways to monitor the progress of the child. As a rule, the same HRT is expected to continue as the leader of the group for two years.

The HRT is also responsible for excursions, tours, camps and project for awareness of social and national issues, discussion on current affairs, the cultural activities of the class and its participation in the programmes conducted in the assembly.Thus it is the HRT who knows the total child; his/her friends, preferences, attitudes, social and intellectual traits, mental and physical health, familial background, etc.

The teacher thus becomes familiar with the student’s emotional health and temperamental characteristics, enabling her/him to extend pastoral care for the growth and development of his/her wards.