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Working within Parameters:

Freedom is highly valued and inculcated at different levels at SPV. However, this is not allowed to become license.

At SPV, we let the children behave in their natural way. The children learn to compare themselves with a river in a valley. Within the valley the stream can gush down, move lazily or meander depending on the circumstances. The valley sides form the walls, which confine the river within its boundaries. In the same way, the children understand the norms of their own behaviour in terms of the school situation.

At SPV, discipline means behaving in a manner appropriate to the time, place and circumstances; e.g. the behaviour of children in the class during a teaching period and during the home room period will be very different. During the homeroom period, the children are allowed to move around freely in the class and talk; they are also allowed to work in groups and have informal discussions among themselves.

During the teaching period, on the other hand, appropriate discipline is maintained in the class to allow attention and effective participation to what is being taught.