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CA Program


All the Patelians look forward to their weekly C.A. period which is little over an hour in duration. C.A. stands for Cultural Activities and Current Affairs for most Pupils. For the Senior Secondary pupils, it also stands for Councellor’s or Career Advice.

What pupils do during this time-slot varies greatly. Children participates in short plays, quizzes, science programme, mono-acting, folk dances, skits, etc., or prepare special programmes to celebrate the advent of ‘Basant’ or the onset of the monsoon. The birth anniversaries of national luminaries such as Tagore, Subramanya Bharti, Gandhiji, Sardar Patel, Guru Nanak etc., are also celebrated during C.A. According to the philosophy and tradition of the school, teachers include all the children in the programme. The emphasis is much on sensitising the pupils to our natural and cultural heritage as on promoting and encouraging creativity, spontaneity and responsible, well organised experimentation rooted in cultural styles which are within the context of a historical epoch, geographical setting or socio-political environment. CAs also promote a commitment to a clean, green, environment, help them understand sustainable development, make them aware of the power of the media and advertisement campaigns as also Endeavour to counter consumerism. CA, aim at educating the young citizens for responsible action, discrimination between choice making and thoughtful reactions.

Training for Elocution, Recitation and Debating is a part of C.A. too. Science Quiz, General Knowledge Quiz, Sports Quiz etc. are great favourites during C.A.

For older pupils, panel discussions and talks by external experts and resource people raise the standards of inputs. For instance, some of the most enjoyable talks in the last few years have been on Solar Energy, Biological and Chemical Warfare, the Antarctica Expeditions, Bombay High, the Nuclear Issue, the Artist from Ancient times to the Modern, the Ganga Ghariyal, travels of Meher Moos through the deserts and forests of Africa, etc.

It is in Class I that pupils start getting a one-hour C.A. per week. It continues to the highest Class. C.A. is however different from club programmes.