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Award System

Hardly any Patelian leaves the school without a merit card. This is in keeping with our philosophy of the ‘top’ being as broad based as possible.

In order to improve standards in academic work or co-curricular activities, such as Public Speaking, Music, Art, Sports and Athletics, students naturally need praise and encouragement. We do not think that awarding a prize for the first, second and third rank is a good practice, as there may be more than just three who deserve it. Furthermore, the gap between the first and second may be negligible, or only one may be deemed to have reached a certain standard of excellence.

We have, therefore, devised the following process: Qualifying standards have been fixed in each area where competition is possible. Thus, in languages for example, merit cards are given to all those who obtain 70% or more marks. In Physics and Mathematics, those who obtain 75% and 85% respectively earn merit cards. The cut off mark for each subject varies; and these may change from year to year.

Thus, for example, in Mathematics, a merit card is awarded for 95% or above in class X. Similarly, there are qualifying standards for other activities like Sports, Public speaking etc. In each area, meritorious pupils may be one, two, three or more, or none at all. This system lays emphasis on excellence and quality and not on cut throat competition.