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Language Policy

One of the most cherished features of the Vidyalaya is that we have both Hindi and English as the medium of instruction at different stages; Hindi from Nursery to V th and English from VI th to XII th. The ultimate objective is to produce young citizens who are not only bilingual but also equi-lingual in Hindi [national link language] and English [international link language]. English of course is a core subject throughout from Class I to XII.

At SPV, we also offer children of classes VI-VIII a unique opportunity to learn one of four regional languages - Urdu, Tamil, Bengali and Gujarati, representing the four directions of our country - North, South, East and West.

It's a sad fact, but Delhi children speak an argot of Hindi and English cut off from their roots. Language, especially the regional language that may be their mother tongue, languishes. By including a regional language in the curriculum at class VI, the child becomes familiar with a new language. Exposure to at least one of these languages helps the child acknowledge the richness of our culture.

It shares an equal status with music where songs in these languages are often taught. This also enhances the richness of school events such as the Food Festival celebrating Indian cuisine, or Sports or when indigenous games (e.g. kho-kho, kite flying, etc.) are played.

The emphasis is:

  • To create an interest in language and culture.
  • To teach the alphabet and grammatical structures.
  • To develop creativity, task commitment, critical thinking and technological knowledge and proficiency.
  • To provide conversational fluency.