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Recent Activities


The Food Festival is a great learning opportunity for the students of the Vidyalaya as they eagerly await the month of April to binge on the most varied range of food items from across the country and outside. The parents of the Vidyalaya participate in this annual fest and bring together indigenous flavours to prepare traditional and healthy food items. The student volunteers from classes 10 and 12 facilitate the process to bring together the Food Festival every year. This year, the Food Fest was named Sei Murai, which translates to the word 'recipe' in Tamil. We had a total of 45 stalls and some items such as Kashmiri Breads, Bhakri Pizza, Sabudana popcorn, Ragi Laddoo and Vegetable Kebabs were also introduced so as to provide the children with exposure to locally produced fruits, grains and vegetables like Phalsa, Beetroot and various millets.

Link to open Image Gallery - FOOD FESTIVAL 2018