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State of Art Laboratories

State of Art Laboratories

There are two computer labs each of 22 latest Compaq and HP systems, with Internet facility. The method of education comprising of classroom theory and hands on lab experience provide the children necessary knowledge and motivation to do more. The students have free access to the systems and are encouraged to exploit the system resources and in this, highly experienced and talented computer teachers and a lab assistant support them.

Presently, computer education is imparted from class V onwards. Children get hands on training in a wide variety of applications ranging from MS Office, HTML. to programming concepts using various programming languages and applications development tools.

XI and XII class students are taught CBSE required curriculum. The students design software to show their skills at implementing the programming knowledge that has been imparted to them.To take the computer education to all the classes, there is a plan to add one more lab of 22 networked latest systems. All the labs are planned to be networked.

Computerized Administration

The SPV administration is keeping pace with changing times. To provide more efficient and prompt service - to parents, students and even staff - the entire administration staff has now become computer literate.

Almost all activities are computerized with 7 networked resource sharing systems - from fees accounting to total accounting, from budgeting to control, from payroll, PF accounting to personnel management. We are ready to meet all your requirements fully and promptly.

Audio/Visual Room

Audio/Visual Room meets the needs of audio and video requirements like Presentations on the Projectors, training Workshops etc of the Vidyalaya.

Language laboratory at SPV

The Sardar Patel Vidyalaya (SPV) has recently inaugurated a language laboratory. It is the first of its kind in Delhi and will enable students to fine-tune their language skills under the supervision of qualified teachers.

The laboratory has state-of-the-art technology. It will enable students to read, listen, speak and write and thus, imbibe the different facets of language under a controlled environment.

The laboratory will cover seven languages, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Bangla, Tamil and Urdu. It is equipped with a projector, smart board, sound proof headphones and 22 terminals to help the students.
It will also give the students an exposure to read and recited pieces in many Indian languages. Ease of assignments and a comparatively easy tracking of assignments would be an additional advantage.

Anuradha Joshi, principal, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya said: “Pronunciation, intonation and tenor would be the areas of focus . The students will be able to imbibe the skills of language learning in ways that are both unconventional and interactive. This will not only help students to better understand some of the languages spoken in our country but will also help in preserving some of the languages.”

Math Lab

Maths Activity Centre (Math Lab)

Two centres, one for primary and another for Middle School, have been established. They contain the Ramanujan kit which has all mathematical concepts. The children handle the kit on their own and after a demonstration by the teacher they assemble the pieces of the kit which are like puzzle.

The practical use of knowledge fortifies the theoretical concepts taught in class. For better understanding, they also make working models, which in turn enhances understanding of mathematical concepts develops their manual skills and increases their interest in the subject